A novel set in the Culture universe created by Iain M. Banks

List of Characters

Impact Analysis book cover I am writing a Fan Fiction novel called Impact Analysis, set in the Culture universe, as invented by Iain M. Banks and used as the setting for many of his own works.

This page provides a list of characters from Impact Analysis, in the order of their first appearance in the story. I've included all pan-humans, aliens, drones and ships, including non-Culture ships in this list. Warning: spoilers.

See also the plot summary.

Schoma Xantic

A relatively newly-constructed drone, part of the crew of the GCU One Hand Clapping. A tiny machine, "... the precise size and colour of a pair of fine porcelain bowls."


Senior male member of the blue-skinned alien species known as "The Islanders".

Kitzean Mso

Contact operative aboard the GCU One Hand Clapping when it first discovered Island Rock.

Just Passing Through

Culture cruise ship upon which Kitzean Mso was a passenger when it was attacked by the Affronter Battle-cruiser Kiss the Blade.

Kiss the Blade

Affront battle-cruiser which intercepted the Culture cruise ship Just Passing Through during the short Affront-Culture war.

Progressive Intercession

A Rapid Offensive Unit (ROU) which liberated the Culture cruise ship Just Passing Through at the end of the brief Affront-Culture war.

Aneme Crossmaddows

Goodwife, now Widow, Aneme Crossmaddows, nee Thresherson. Widowed after the death of