A novel set in the Culture universe created by Iain M. Banks

Plot Summary

Impact Analysis book cover I am writing a Fan Fiction novel called Impact Analysis, set in the Culture universe, as invented by Iain M. Banks and used as the setting for many of his own works.

This page provides a summary of the plot of Impact Analysis, in chapter order. Warning: spoilers.

See also the list of characters which I am working on, and which accompanies this chapter-by-chapter synopsis.


1: Angel Descended

2: First Encounter

3: Strange Attractors

4: Rural Idyll

5: Backwards Chaining

6: Opposing Spin

7: Awakening Spirit

8: Cover Story

9: Phase Space

10: Orbital Insertion

11: Created Image

12: Remote Entanglement

13: Pastoral Care

14: Shell Dynamics

15: Inspection Visit

16: Emergent Property

17: Final Judgement