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Lyndesfarne Bridge Series

A few years ago, I wrote a series of four books, all set in the magical world of Lyndesfarne. In Lyndesfarne, all but the simplest technology does not work, but a sophisticated society functions using pervasive magic.

From our world, Lyndesfarne appears as a small and virtually uninhabited island off the coast of Northern England, perpetually covered in a mysterious haze. The crossing between our world and the world of Lyndesfarne is formed by two stone causeways across the marshes, joined by the Old Bridge; its immense masonry arches are partially reinforced by steel alloys (on our side) and by magical sprites (on the far side), visible as orange sparks inside the stonework itself.

Disclaimer: The world of Lyndesfarne described in these books is entirely fictitious, and bears no resemblance to the charming Holy Island of Lindisfarne in North East England.

That said, it is perhaps interesting to see (courtesy of Google Maps) the satellite picture of the Holy Island of Lindisfarne. All hazy, hard to see very much detail at all. Spooky, huh?

New Bridge to Lyndesfarne

This book is set in the present day, and follows Kevin, a talented but lonely forty-something who is commissioned to design a new bridge between the worlds. Accompanied by Tanji, his guide and interpreter from Lyndesfarne, Kevin inadvertently discovers a conspiracy to destroy the bridge which puts their lives in danger.

I have completed a full draft of this book. A synopsis is available to download and a sample chapter (actually the first chapter) is available here. Other chapters can be found here.

I presented a copy of this novel to Tracey on her birthday in 2006, in a very nice little hotel (Waren House) not far from Holy Island. Her reaction was nicely summarised (with apologies to Homer Simpson) as "can't talk, reading".

Julie Newdoll's New Bridge concept sketch As a surprise, Tracey commissioned our good friend Julie Newdoll to paint a vision of the Lyndesfarne Bridge. Here's Julie's initial concept sketch (a mock-up, not a final piece of art!).

Maybe the final version can be used as cover art? Certainly, Julie's works have appeared on the covers of numerous publications. We have several original paintings by Julie around our house.

More of Julie's artwork can be seen at the Brush with Science website.

Bridge at War

Old Bridge to Lyndesfarne A prequel to New Bridge to Lyndesfarne, this book is set in 1946, immediately after the end of the Second World War. The story follows three young men (Tom, Alistair and Bram) who were comrades in the Army during the War. Bram gently introduces the world of Lyndesfarne to the others, and engineers their recruitment into the Guardians, one of the secretive organisations whose purpose is to protect the crossing to Lyndesfarne.

I presented a draft of the entire book to Tracey on her birthday (September 2007), once again while visiting Waren House, not far from the Holy Island of Lindisfarne.

A sample chapter (actually the first chapter) is available here. I have also completed a definitive synopsis here.

Other sample and illustrated chapters can be downloaded here.

Death on the New Bridge

Kevin's kitchen A sequel to New Bridge to Lyndesfarne, this book once again follows Kevin and Tanji, who are asked to assist with the investigation of the mysterious death of a microbial epidemiologist, who was found in the exact centre of the New Bridge shortly after its official opening.

I have not yet completed a synopsis. A sample chapter (actually chapter 9) is available here. The entire text of Death on the New Bridge can also be downloaded as PDF.

Other sample and illustrated chapters can be downloaded here.

Bridge of Stone and Magic

Champagne cellars This book is partially a prequel to Bridge at War, set in Napoleonic times, when the original Lyndesfarne Bridge was being constructed. It is also partially set in the present time, with Kevin and Tanji investigating a suspected new crossing between the worlds, a crossing which was supposed to have been closed permanently several centuries ago.

No synopsis yet, but there is now a sample chapter (Chapter 3) available here. Other chapters can be downloaded here.

For reference, I am maintaining a glossary of terms and characters in the Lyndesfarne books.

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