Gallery 1: Visit to My Parents

A few pictures from a family visit to my parents (Derek and Mella) during 2005. While we were there, we met up with my brother Chris, his wife Christine and their three boys. The photographs were actually taken by my father, so he does not appear in any of the shots.

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A rare picture of my mother. That's me in the foreground. Note the separate table for tea - not enough room for everyone around the dining table.

Also a picture of Tracey watching George. Note the splendid spread on the tea table - Mother really pushed the boat out for us. Sebastian still remembers that teatime!

Trevor and his Mother Tracey at my Mothers

A couple of pictures of my brother Chris (Christopher Mark). Confusingly, his wife is also Chris (Christine)! They have three boys, Sebastian's cousins. The eldest is George; the twins are Alexander and Edward. (No, I can't tell them apart!)

Another view of Chris and Chris, and their family. You can see Sebastian peeping around George, and Tracey, too.

Chris and Christine Chris and Family

A couple of pictures of Sebastian at my parents. Singing unaccompanied, to general approval all around. And generally looking cute.

Sebastian singing Sebastian at his grandparents

A couple of pictures of Sebastian with his cousins at my parents. The oldest is George, and the twins are Alex and Edward.

Sebastian, George, Alexander and Edward Sebastian and his cousins

Another picture of Sebastian with his cousins (Alex and Edward) at my parents.

Also a picture of Sebastian reading, assisted by my parent's dog, a large and hairy thing appropriately known as Bear!

Sebastian with Alexander and Edward Sebastian with Bear the dog

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