Sun Island Beach Dining

In the tradition expected of desert islands, there were plenty of opportunities for dining on (or at leaast very near!) the beach. Here are some pictures of various evening meals in a very relaxed surroundings.

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Sebastian looking very cheeky.

On one occasion, we were entertained by native dancers, who also gave out wraps which the guests were invited to wear (over their normal clothes!).

Seb on the beach in the evening Dancers on the beach

Seb and his Dad looking very relaxed!

Tracey, also looking very relaxed.

Seb and Dad on the beach in the evening Tracey at dinner on the beach

Tracey and myself dining on the beach. Note the Gameboy - essential for quiet adult conversations later in the evening!

Tracey and Trevor on the beach in the evening Trevor and Tracey at dinner on the beach

More pictures of Tracey and I. Note the sarongs! We still have these items, and occasionally use them in the garden at home.

Trevor and Tracey kissing Trevor and Tracey in sarongs

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