Gallery 11: Maldives 2003

We quite often go to the Maldives. We usually go to Kurumba (see other trips here) but, on this occasion, the Kurumba hotel was being refurbished.

So, off to Sun Island instead. A bigger island - so that you need bicycles to get around, and one further away from the airport, thus requiring a seaplane transfer. Also, has quite a number of water bungalows, where the buildings are constructed on stilts over the lagoon.

Quite a lot of pictures, so see here for some shots of the Christmas buffet. Other Christmas pictures (including Santa on the beach!) are here.

Images from a night fishing trip are here. Pictures from our evenings chilling out in the hotel Lobby Bar are here.

On of the criteria we use to select Maldives island hotels is the variety and quality of the food available. Here are some shots from the Sun Island Thai restaurant, which was situated on the end of a long pontoon leading to the Water bungalows. Out experiences dining on the beach are documented here.

Click on an image to enlarge.

The lagoon was teeming with fish, and were fun to feed with bread stolen from the Thai Restaurant.

Sebastian also spent a lot of time chasing crabs around on the beach, and sometimes catching them.

Shoals of fish under the pier Sebastian and a crab

Tracey enjoying a champagne cocktail.

Both of us sharing a large pineapple drink!

Tracey with cocktail Trevor and Tracey sharing a pineapple drink

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