Sun Island Lobby Bar

On Sun Island, we continued the tradition we had evolved on many previous trips to the Maldives. Basically, after a hot day in the sea and sun, it's really nice to shower off and change clothes for the evening. We tended to do this quite early so, to fill in the gap before dinner, we would go an sit in the hotel's Lobby Bar. This bar serves very nice cocktails (including alcohol-free ones), has comfy furniture and, most importantly, is effectively air-conditioned. So, we could chill out (both literally and figuratively) for an hour, before enjoying dinner and the rest of the evening.

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General view of the Lobby bar. This tended to be very quiet first thing in the evening.

Sebastian enjoying a cocktail (and looking quite pink after a day in the sun!).

Sun Island Lobby Bar Sebastian enjoying a cocktail

Tracey and Sebastian in the Bar.

We often play games (such as cards, chess, dominoes or even four-in-a-row) in the bar while enjoying our cocktails.

Tracey and Sebastian in the Lobby Bar Tracey and Sebastian playing cards

Tracey and myself in the Lobby Bar.

And on a different occasion.

Tracey and Trevor in the Lobby Bar Tracey and Trevor relaxing

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