Gallery 16: Sebastian's 10th Birthday

Another one of Sebastian's birthday parties. This one was held at home, which was particularly brave, but seemed to go off well enough.

The theme was James Bond, with the dress code being "Bond or Baddies". A surprising number of the kids turned up in Dinner Jackets!

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We dressed up the Merc with James Bond gadgets and number plates, and set it outside the front door (under a cover - this was November in Northern England, remember!). Sebastian in James Bond car Friends posing in James Bond car

We also served a variety of (non-alcoholic!) James Bond themed cocktails.

Amazing what you can do with fruit juice, lemonade and food colouring.

James Bond bar Kids in the bar

We also used (plastic!) glasses which lit up when you put a drink in them - this was a great hit.

We always supply alcoholic drinks for grown-ups - the only way to survive a kids party, in my view.

James Bond bar Kids in the bar
We decorated that place with James Bond gadgets, raided from an assortment of places. We also set up roulette, to give that casino effect. James Bond gadgets
Our very good friend Caroline Churnside did a wonderful job on the cake. Thanks Caroline! James Bond cake The birthday cake
Sebastian's eyes lighting up. James Bond cake The birthday cake
A few shots (some taken on a camera phone) of other parts of Sebastian's birthday, including him riding high on the London Eye. Trevor, Tracey and Seb on the London Eye Sebastian on the London Eye Sebastian's birthday breakfast Sebastian's presents

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