Visiting Tana

The first part of our trip to Madagascar was spent in the capital city Antananarivo. (Antananarivo is one of those words, like banana, which seems to have more repeating syllables than you expect!)

Since it was a long trip, and a rather unusual destination, we thought that a couple of nights in a relatively westernised environment would be a good way of getting into the place slowly. So, we stayed at the Hilton hotel in the city centre.

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Shot taken from the hotel window overlooking the city.

The statue in the centre of Lake Anosy, which can be seen on the left of the view from the hotel.

View over Antananarivo from Hilton hotel Statue in Lake Anosy

We spent quite a couple of hours wandering around the street market. The blocks are locally-made soap!

These are local red crayfish.

Antananarivo market, ducks and soap Red Crayfish in Antananarivo market

There were many vendors of this rather curious delicacy. Not sure exactly what it was, but interesting to taste.

The international culture here is French - so knowing a little of the language was a big help! But the cuisine in the up-market places was really rather good! Here's Sebastian, with a wickerwork car - containing the bill!

Street Vendor in Antananarivo Sebastian in Antananarivo restaurant
A couple of shots of the town itself, much of which is clustered on hillsides around the lake. So, lots of steps and slopes. Antananarivo rooftops Sebastian in Antananarivo steps

We visited the zoo, expecting (wrongly, as it turned out) that this would be the only way to see Lemurs close up.

Some fascinating bird life at the Zoo.

Sebastian at Antananarivo Zoo Birds at Antananarivo zoo

More of the birds at Antananarivo Zoo.

Birds at Antananarivo Zoo Birds at Antananarivo zoo

This was our first sight of a Ring-tailed Lemur. (They got a lot closer later!)

Sebastian was fascinated by the tortoises and geckos (on his arm).

Antananarivo Zoo Sebastian with a giant tortoise at Antananarivo zoo

We also took a trip out to a reserve, and a guided walk in the jungle.

This gave us the first sights of Lemurs in unrestrained circumstances.

Lemurs in Antananarivo Jungle Lemurs in Antananarivo jungle

The Lemurs were leaping from tree to tree in a spectacular fashion. Hard to capture in pictures, though.

Lemurs in Antananarivo Jungle Lemurs in Antananarivo jungle

Sebastian and Tracey in the jungle. Don't ask her about leeches!

Lemurs in Antananarivo Jungle Tracey and Sebastian in Antananarivo jungle

Sebastian and myself in the jungle. Very intrepid!

Trevor and Sebastian Antananarivo Jungle

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