Gallery 2: Home and Gardens

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This page introduces a few pictures of our house and gardens, taken a few years ago. We've not changed things very much since then, although of course a lot of the trees and shrubs have grown up quite a bit.

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A couple of images of the back garden. Quite a good view of the patio around the outdoor hot tub and the conservatory. The laurels and trees are already getting quite well-grown; I need to cut them back quite frequently.

Also, a good view of the chess set at the top of the back lawn. Lots of weeds visible in that grass! And I'm really useless at chess.

Trevor's back garden Back garden chess set

Another image of the back garden. The hot tub is hidden behind the screen and planting on the right. The garage is on the left. The swing seat is just visible on the right.

More of Trevor's back garden

A couple of shots of the front garden. The rockery has grown up quite a bit more since these pictures was taken. The fountain is just visible over the shrubbery.

Trevor's front garden More of the front garden

A couple of nice views of the hot tub. The first is the view from the conservatory, and also shows the stepped effect of the back garden.

Here, we see Tracey disporting herself in the tub. I believe she is assessing submissions for the North West Young Business Person award - a very decent place to be marking examinations, in my view.

Hot tub in the back garen Tracey in the hot tub

Inside the Conservatory. Notice the black granite windowsills, the fascinatingly porous nature of the stone table-top and the stone tiled floors.

Trevor's conservatory More of the conservatory

Inside the dining room featuring a huge granite table. The door leads through to the bar/gym and the downstairs bathroom (the "wet gym") which includes the sauna, steam shower and indoor Jacuzzi bath. Also a good view of part of Tracey's splendid collection of glassware.

Also a view of the hallway, stairs and front door. Granite tiles on the floor, and a rather nice stainless steel and glass staircase. The door on the left leads to the home office.

Trevor's dining room Hall and stairs

A couple of shots of the lounge. Yet more granite for the coffee table and pedestal; granite, glass and stainless steel for the fireplace. Also, a view of more of Tracey's collection of glass - the cabinet contains her collection of perfume bottles, mostly blue glass.

My mother would insist that this room is referred to as a "drawing room" or "sitting room" - "lounges are found in airports".

Trevor's lounge Lounge and fireplace

A couple of shots of the kitchen. Unsurprisingly, yet more granite for the worktops and floor tiles, and white marble tiles on the wall. Note the large cooker, which gets well-used on frequent occasions, as well as the yellow-and-black warning sign!

You might like to read some of my favourite Cooking for Men recipes.

Trevor's kitchen Another view of Trevor's kitchen

A couple of shots of the home office. The laptop's been updated since this picture was taken, and there's a file/print server and a wireless network installed now. The view from this window looks out over the front of the house.

The other side of the home office, showing just some of the collection of books. Lots of Fantasy and Science Fiction.

Trevor's home office Some of Trevor's collection of books

The first of a series of pictures showing the room which doubles as a gym (for when we're feeling heathy) and a bar (for other times!). It also contains an increasinly large collection of musical instruments (for Sebastian).

The multi-gym machine and the rowing machine get a lot of use. The cross-trainer is known locally as the "b*stard machine"!

The oil painting over the fireplace is one of our collection by Julie Newdoll. This one is called Fountain of Youth.

Trevor's gym More of the gym, with Fountain of Youth painting

Here's the cupboard which contains assorted free weights and the abs machine, as well as a large collection of stuff which is supposed to assist with health and beauty.

Another view of the glass and marble fireplace, showing the etching work. Also, another view of Julie's painting.

Gym cupboard Bar fireplace and painting

On the other side of the room, the bar. Note the etched glass and marble fascia, and the granite tops. Lots of champagne in the wine fridge. Quite a decent collection of single malt Scotch whisky, too.

Another shot of the bar Trevor's home bar
And finally, a couple of shots of the downstairs bathroom, also known as the "wet gym". There's a sauna, a Jacuzzi shower with steam attachments, a large Jacuzzi bath and a stand-up sun-bed (if you see what I mean!). The floor is slate tiling, which is hugely effective since it is naturally non-slip even when soaking wet. Trevor's sauna Trevor's steam shower

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