Gallery 4: Tracey's Sky Dive

A sequence of pictures taken when Tracey jumped out of a plane, fortunately with the aid of a parachute! This was at the Black Knights Parachute Centre.

I was immensely impressed with Tracey for doing this. I tend to subscribe to the view expressed to me by my gliding instructor: "Anyone to jumps out of a perfectly serviceable aeroplane wearing only a parachute needs their head examined".

The whole episode can be seen as a downloadable slide show, as a Windows executable (Warning: huge file).

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We had to arrive very early. The weather was very cold - the ground is literally frozen solid.

The aircraft that Tracey and the instructor will be using. Someone unkindly suggested that it was safer to parachute than to land in the thing!

Tracey and frozen landing field Tracey and the plane

Tracey getting suited up. Lots of extra insulation required - including scarf and hat.

Tracey and colleague going to the aircraft.

Tracey getting ready Going to the plane

They're in the plane and its taking off. No backing out now!

Tracey and the instructor are out, and the parachute is open.

Plane takes off They're out

On their way...


Nearly on the ground Coming...

...getting closer...

...and closer...

closer... ...and closer...

Bump! They're down, and still in one piece.

I'm glad that's over!

Bump - they're down Phew!

Walking back from the landing field.

Big smile - a job well done!

Returning from the landing field Glad to be down!

Standard pictures of Tracey back on the ground, and the aircraft.

Very glad to be down The aircraft

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