Gallery 6: Sebastian goes Monster Trucking

Sebastian got a present - a trip in a monster truck with Monster Events, down in Bedfordshire.

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The big day. Sebastian getting kitted up with helmet, and posing with his Mum (Tracey).

It was a bitterly cold day, and we appreciated the wood-buring stove in the waiting area.

Sebastian in driving helmet Seb in helmet with his Mum

Clambering in was quite an effort - it's a long way up! And they're off. Very noisy!

Sebastian getting into Fat Landy Seb in Fat Landy

Over the humps and bumps. The vehicle is called Fat Landy.

Sebastian in Fat Landy Over the humps

Squashing the cars was lots of fun.

Fat Landy squashing cars Squashing more cars

More car squashing.

Fat Landy squashing more cars Squashing yet more cars

Yet more car squashing. Sebastian really liked this - see him wave.

Fat Landy squashing yet more cars Sebastian waving from Fat Landy

Sebastian really had to hang on!

Sebastian hanging on tightly Sebastian still hanging on tightly

It really made Sebastian laugh. But it was all over all too soon.

Sebastian laughing End of the ride

Big grin on Sebastian's after the experience. That truck really is huge! (Mind you, Sebastian has grown a bit since then.)

Sebastian finished trucking Sebastian by Fat Landy's wheels

The green truck is called Mud-zilla. Didn't get a ride in this one. There's also an ex-military vehicle and a recovery vehicle.

Other monster trucks Mudzilla in action

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