Gallery 7: New Year in Scotland

One New Year (2003), we went to Scotland with our very good friends Michael and Caroline, and Michael's daughter Rebecca ('Becky'). The weather was dry and very chilly, made especially bad since we had only just come back from a couple of weeks in the Maldives!

We stayed in Stack Lodge, on the Duke of Westminster's estate in Sutherland. This is in the very far north of Scotland - more or less as far as you can go without hitting the sea! This is the area I go (with Michael) once a year for clay pidgeon shooting.

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On New Year's Eve, we went for a walk up Ben Stack - the local peak and one of the Grahams and not one of the official Munroes at all! This is more or less the view from the kitchen window at Stack Lodge.

Here's a picture of us all, looking very intrepid!

Ben Stack Intrepid travellers

Here's another intrepid picture. Loch Stack can be seen in the background. Note the warm clothing - we were very glad of it later on!

Intrepid travellers again

This is as far as we made it - we were not really equipped for walking on ice and snow. So, we sheltered from the wind for a short while for refreshments, and then went back down.

On Ben Stack Sheltering on Ben Stack

Michael and Caroline in the pub on New Year's Eve. Oh dear...

Michael and Caroline in the pub Michael and Caroline

Later in the trip, we had a practice session of clay pidgeon shooting. Scott (who is Michael's cousin, and is employed on the Duke's estate) showed us how it was done. I'm operating the remote control (Pull) which fires the target.

Scott carefully helped the kids to have a go. First, Becky.

Scott shooting Becky shooting

Sebastian's turn. The kick from a standard shotgun is a bit much for children (under-14's in competitions usually use a 20-gauge gun), but Scott used his semi-automatic, where some of the recoil is absorbed by the mechanism which ejects the spent cartridge and loads the next.

Even Tracey had a go!

Sebastian shooting Tracey shooting

And finally, me. I'm using a standard side-by-side double-barrelled gun, which I very much prefer. In later years, I've had some success at the yearly (Duke of Westminster's Estate) shoot with this gun.

The building in the background is Stack Lodge itself. We're in the gravelled drive at the front!

Trevor shooting

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