Gallery 8: Prague

Tracey and I went to Prague. A wonderful place - we spent lots of time wandering around, and a fair bit eating and drinking! We staying in the Intercontinental hotel, which was very conveniently located.

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First full day in Prague - really enjoyed eating in one of the numerous outdoor places in the main square.

Note the huge steak and chips - fortunately shared by the two of us - and the moderately larage glasses of beer.

Lunch in the square in Prague Say cheese, and press here...

On walking trip was around the famous castle - here we are at the entrance.

Trevor at Prague castle Tracey at Prague castle

The satues on either side of the entrance are worth a second look.

Prague castle statue Prague castle statue

Another attraction we saw from several directions was the famous "Metronome". Note quite sure what to make of this work, though.

Prague metronome Prague metronome

The Prague police really do have the smallest police cars in the world! But probably very practical in the narrow streets of the old city.

Tracey in front of a rather splendid door in the old city.

Prague police Smart car Tracey in front of a typical Prague door

Tracey posing in the main square. The whole of Prague seems to have this fairly-tale property.

Tracey enjoying a rather typical (i.e. large and heavy!) Prague cake. Only very slightly resembles a house-brick...

Tracey in Prague square Tracey enjoying a typical Prague cake

We did very thoroughly enjoy the local food and drink. A couple of shots of me inside the place near the old bridge, named "Pub 2".

The meal is translated as "Rough Plank" - served on a wooden board. The glass in the centre contains a small measure of poisonously strong gin! Goes well with the cheese and the beer.

Trevor in Pub 2 Trevor enjoying a typical Prague lunch

"Pub 2" was so good we went back the following day. Different clothes, different meal, but same table (almost).

Trevor in Pub 2, again Trevor enjoying another typical Prague lunch

Tracey enjoyed it too, but she may not have liked me photographing her...

Tracey in Pub 2 Tracey enjoying a typical Prague lunch

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