Gallery 9: Tuscany

Tracey, Sebastian and I went to tour Tuscany for a week. We stayed in a 'villa' - actually an appartment in buildings attached to an old farm. Very pleasant indeed.

Pictures from our visit to Parco di Pinocchio (Pinocchio Park) can be found here.
Shots from our visit to the Leaning Tower of Pisa are located here.

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One of our first visits was to Via Reggio, which is on the west coast of Italy. It is famous for its carnival.

Seafront at Via Reggio Sebastian enjoying a pizza

Of course, a side-effect of the carnival was that there was complete mayhem on the streets. Sebastian got "stringed".

Sebastian stringed

Here's the view of the local town (village, really), as seen from the back windows of the villa. It seems that towns were often build in the highest places in this region, for defensive purposes.

View from the villa windows Another view of the town

We certainly enjoyed buying and preparing local food. Sebastian learned how to cook spagetti.

Italian Dinner Sebastian cooking spagetti

And we enjoyed eating the local food (and wine!) too.

Dinner in the villa Enjoying a dinner

We drove around the mountains a fair bit - fascinating. Lots of hilltop settlements, each bearing a striking resemblence to Gormenghast! It was very dry and bright, but icy cold. We took a short walk along a path, which would be a pleasant stroll in summer - but water had run over it in several places, then frozen, making it particularly difficult.

Ice in the mountains

We also visited Florence (Firenze). Sebastian was particularly struck with a street player, pretending to be a statue of Cupid!

Sebastian with a Cupid Tracey and Sebastian with a fountain

Sebastian with a statue of Puccini.

A shot of Trevor and Sebastian posing on the famous bridge in Florence, which houses all of the gold shops. We had lunch at the restaurant overlooking (or overhanging?) the water.

Sebastian with a statue of Puccini Trevor and Sebastian on the famous bridge

No trip to Italy is complete without large (and expensive) ice creams!

We also visited Lucca, were we cycled around the old walls.

Sebastian and Tracey with large ice creams Sebastian cycling

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