Parco di Pinocchio

Sebasian, Tracey and I visited the Parco di Pinocchio (Pinocchio Park), near Collodi, while in Tuscany. This was quite fun, in a slightly run-down kind of way. We took a picnic, which suited Sebastian. We had the place more-or-less to ourselves, and it was quietly pleasant wandering around and discovering the various statues and settings based on scenes from Pinocchio's story.

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Seb sang for us - a song from the Disney cartoon version of the story. Magical.

Statue in Parco di Pinocchio Sebastian and freize
Sebastian and Cricket Sebastian and statue Sebastian and donkey
One impressive installation represented the whale. Sebastian liked this one. Sebastian and Whale Sebastian in the Whale's mouth
And here are the three of us variously posing in an installation representing a sailing ship. Trevor and Sebastian on ship Tracey and Sebastian saluting

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