Gallery 22: Kenya 2007

Tracey and I have just returned from a week on the Kenyan coast. We stayed at the Pinewood Village hotel, which is set on the Indian Ocean about two hours south of Mombasa. (See satellite image from Google Maps.) We took a suite with a sea view veranda, and barely moved from there all week! The suites have a kitchen attached, and the hotel supplies a private chef to prepare whatever dinner you required.

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This was intended as a very relaxed holiday, and so we did almost nothing all week. Mostly, we sat in the shade on our veranda. (Tracey is very fair and burns easily, so we had limited opportunities for sunbathing.)

Tas on our veranda Our veranda in Kenya

The veranda was very relaxing, as demonstrated by these photographs!

Tracey also managed to get a nap in the afternoons, in this very spot.

Trevor asleep on the veranda Trevor waking up

The view over the sea and beach from the veranda was really good.

View from the Veranda View from the Veranda

You could also see the swimming pool and swim-up bar from our veranda (to one side). Tracey insisted that the pool was "brrrr - freezing!" (of course it was no such thing!) and I had to persuade her into the water with the offer of a cocktail at the bar. Only worked the the once, mind!

View from the Veranda

A feature of the Pinewood Village hotel is the ponds close to the main building, including a bar and the main restaurant.

The pond was heavily populated by fish, and there were loads of these birds (bower birds?) weaving their nests in the plants around the water.

Pond and yellow birds Pond and the bird life

Tracey spent some time feeding the birds and fishes with bread left over from breakfast, although the local semi-feral cats probably thought of it as 'bait'!

Pond and yellow birds Tracey feeding the birds

More bird and fish feeding.

Tracey feeding the birds Tracey feeding the birds

The best time to walk on the beach was first thing in the morning - no-one around at all!

Tas on the beach Tracey on the beach

Tracey looking suitably desert-island-y!

Tas on the beach Tracey on the beach

And some pictures of me on the beach as well.

Trevor on the beach Trevor on the beach

Of course, after all day outside it was necessary to enjoy a pre-dinner cocktail!

Tas on the beach Tas in the bar

We spent quite a lot of time wandering about after dark on the hotel complex site.

Tas after dark Tracey after dark

Some shots of me after dark as well. Note the lit-up hot-tub behind us! ("Just step back a little more..."!)

Trevor after dark Trevor after dark

The birds by the pond we still active after dark.

This snail was huge - at least 4 inches long. We just spotted it by the steps leading down to the beach.

Birds active after dark Huge snail in Kenya

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