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An ecletic collection of pictures, taken in various times and places, with no particular rhyme or reason. Enjoy!

Seb and cousins
Visit to my parents
Home bar
Home and gardens
San Francisco bridge
San Francisco 2003
Tracey back on the ground
Tracey's Sky Dive
Maldives swimming pool
Maldives 2006
Sebastian and Fat Landy
Monster Trucking
Intrepid explorers!
New Year in Scotland
Lunch in Prague
Prague 2004
Leaning Tower of Pisa
Tuscany 2005
Egypt hotel view
Egypt Red Sea Coast
Maldives Holiday 2003
Maldives 2003
Sebastian at Thornbury Castle
Thornbury Castle
Sebastian's 9th Birthday Cake
Sebastian's 9th Birthday
Sebastian in Jack and the Baked Bean Stalk
Jack and the Baked Bean Stalk
Sebastian at Chester Zoo
Sebastian at Chester Zoo
Sebastian's 10th Birthday Cake
Sebastian's 10th Birthday
Sebastian's 12th Birthday with Tam and Ben
Sebastian's 12th Birthday
Sebastian with Lemur, on trip to Madagascar
Trip to Madagascar
Sebastian and Tas in the Burj Al-Arab
Trip to Dubai 2006
Trevor abseiling in Champagne
Trip to Champagne (France) 2007
. Sebastian camping in the Lake District
Trip to Lake District 2007
Tas on the beach
Trip to Kenya 2007
Sebastian on the High Force Bridge
Lake District 2007 (again)
Beach picnic scene
Lindisfarne 2007
Tas and Seb in the Bellevue Restaurant (Prague)
Prague 2007
Sebastian on the Red Sea
Egypt 2007
Trevor's friends at White Sands
Texas and New Mexico 2008

You might also enjoy some of my travelogues, written over the years during my travels.

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