Gallery 26: Egypt 2007

Tracey, Sebastian and myself spent the Christmas (but not New Year) period in the resort town of Sharm el Sheikh, on the coast of the Red Sea in Egypt. We spent a week in the Four Seasons Hotel, which wss really nice and quiet, and really rather luxurious, too.

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We had a fun time at dinner on Christmas Eve. Tracey had her hair done especially for the event.

We enjoyed pre-dinner cocktails in the Observatory lounge.

Tas and Seb on Christmas Eve Tas and Seb in the Cocktail lounge

Seb looked absolutely wicked in his white jacket!

Seb in his white jacket Seb in his white jacket

A couple of shots of Trevor and Tracey all dressed up to go out for Christmas Eve dinner.

Trevor and Tas at Christmas Eve dinner Trevor and Tas at Christmas Eve dinner

A shot of Tracey and Sebastian on the (quite small) beach at the Four Seasons.

A shot of the three of us, taken in the mirror in our suite.

Tas and Seb at the beach Trevor, Tas and Seb in the mirror

Early on Christmas Day, the hotel put on a bit of a party for the kids.

Inevitably, the hotel provided a camel - quite the cleanest and least smelly animal we've seen in a long time. Seb denys trying to trade his Mother for camels...

Sebastian at the Christmas Party Tas and Seb with the camel

Later on Christmas Day, we took a trip on what Tracey insisted on describing as a "Gin Palace" - actually quite a decent-sided boat (with three crew members). Perhaps a bit excessive for just the three of us, but was great fun!

Seb on the Gin Palace Tas on the Gin Palace

Sebastian insisted on spending much of the outbound trip at the very front of the boat. It got a bit rough later on, and I was a bit worried for his safety. He, of course, thought the ride was a hoot - no sense of fear at all!

Seb on the Gin Palace Seb on the Gin Palace

The view of the coast from the boat was quite interesting. The Four Seasons was by far the greenest hotel that we saw - all that recycled shower water used to irrigate the grounds. You could also get some idea of just how desolate the coast would have been without all of the development!

Coast of Sharm el Sheikh Coast of Sharm el Sheikh

We drank Champagne and mango juice cocktails on the boat, as well as some shacks and nibbles. Very relaxed on the way back!

Trevor and Seb on the boat Trevor and Seb on the boat

A couple of shots of Tracey relaxing on dinner in the Waha restaurant at the hotel.

Tas dining at Waha Tas dining at Waha

Finally a shot of the view from (one of) our bedroom balconies, at sunset, overlooking the Red Sea.

Also, a shot to Tas and Seb in front of the Italianate fountain in the lower lobby.

View from the Four Seasons Hotel in Sharm el Sheikh Tas and Seb in front of the fountain

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