Gallery 24: Lindisfarne 2007

This was the occasion of Tracey's birthday, and once again we travelled north to the area around the Holy Island of Lindisfarne. We again stayed at Waren House hotel. This was a very quiet and relaxed few days, with walks and picnics, and big dinners in the hotel restaurant.

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One place we have been meaning to visit for some time is Wallington House. We had a very pleasant day wandering around the house and grounds (and we joined the National Trust).

We particularly liked the carved stone heads - something like this will be coming soon to a Lyndesfarne novel: in fact, Chapter 24 from Death on the New Bridge.

Stone heads at Wallington Tas with stone heads

We spent one windswept day on the island of Lindisfarne itself, exploring the usual sights. Here's a couple of shots of the ruined Abbey on the island.

The ruined Abbey on Lisdisfarne Tas and the Abbey

Another shot of Tracey in front of the ruined Abbey on Holy Island.

We also wandered up to Lindisfarne castle on Holy Island. A bit wind-swept and, when we arrived, I discoivered that it was closed on Mondays!

Tas and the Abbey again Tas at Lindisfarne Castle

Here's another shot of the castle on Lindisfarne.

We also wandered around another castle, on the mianland - this one was more of a ruin. The remains of the gatehouse were quite impressive, though.

Lindisfarne Castle Tracey in front of the castle

Despite the season (mid-September in North East England) we did manage to find some sunshine - although on most days we ended up having our picnic under a large golfing umbrella!

The last day offered by far the best weather, and we were able to have a proper picnic on the beach - wickerwork basket, teashirts and everything. We managed to avoid the traditional knotted hankerchiefs on the head, though!

Tas on the beach Picnic on the beach

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