Gallery 3: Trip to San Francisco

A few pictures from our recent trip to San Francisco. Great fun. We also managed to hook up with our old friends Mario Wolczko and Julie Newdoll. In particular, we attended a gallery exhitition of Julie's works, and even bought a few artworks ourselves.

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You will have seen this famous very steep street (Lombard Street) in San Franscisco. It's just as steep as it looks. We walked up those steps.

We particularly liked this establishment, to be found on Nob Hill. Obviously just the place you should go if you need your nob spring cleaned...

Famous steep road in San Francisco Nob hill spring cleaners

A couple of shots of me posing on the steps. Note the large quantity of shopping I am carrying.

Trevor on the steps Trevor on the steps, closeup

A couple of shots of Tracey posing on the steps.

Tracey on the steps Tracey on the steps, closeup

We also rather liked the numbering schemes in use in SF. Here's a classic example.

We also enjoyed eating on the sea-front - pizza, I think. Tracey's looking particularly happy in this shot.

Trevor and the numbering scheme Tracey and the wineglass

We wandered around Chinatown for quite a while. We finally settled on this little restaurant, with small tables perched outdoors on a tiny first-floor (that's one up from the ground!) veranda.

Trevor at the chinese resturant Tracey at the chinese restaurant

A couple of shots of Tracey in front of her island - Alcatraz.

(Wasn't "Tracey Island" the home base of Thunderbirds?)

Tracey and Alcatraz Tracey and her island

Tracey visiting the sea. This is the area around the famous Golden Gate bridge. We are looking at the old battery there.

Tracey on the battery Tracey and the sea

Tracey and I overlooking the Golden Gate bridge.

Tracey and the Golden Gate bridge Trevor and the Golden Gate bridge

A few photographs of our visit to Julie Newdoll's exhibition, which Tracey and I visited while we were in San Francisco. We bought quite a collection of new artwork. A fun day.

A good shot of Julie, looking very enthusiastic. Also, a snap of Julie and Tracey, with friends.

Julie Newdoll Tracey and Julie

Tracey chatting with Mario Wolczko, Julie's husband. Mario is an old friend of mine, and we worked closely together at the University of Manchester. You can see several of Julie's pictures in the background.

A shot of Sophia, Mario and Julie's daughter.

Tracey with Mario Wolczko Sophia

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