Gallery 27: Texas 2008

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On arrival at Dallas - Forth Worth airport, Michael decided he could not go on without a Dunkin Donut, as was forced, after some thought - to buy some.

As gastronomic experiences went, I preferred the Tecate, Lime and salt combination. Tecate is a kind of dark Mexican beer.

Michael buying Dunkin' Donuts Michael with his Dunkin' Donuts Tecate and Lime

An early cowboy experience was a visit to a graveyard widely believed to contain the remains of many famous outlaws, although Paul (our guide and Michael's friend) was scathing about the historical accuracy.

We also visited a cowboy museum in New Mexico later on.

Cowboy graveyard Cowboy graveyard Cowboy museum

Paul, accompanied by his wife and parents-in-law, took us to a splendid hill-top restaurant outside El Paso, where we all spent a lot of time taking pictures of the very impressive sunset. This is also where I sampled the Tecate and Lime.

El Paso Sunset El Paso sunset El Paso sunset
El Paso Sunset El Paso Sunset El Paso sunset El Paso sunset

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