Hero of the Rebellion (2nd Class) Book Cover Heros come in all shapes and sizes, and not all are heros for the reasons you might think. Or even for the side you might think.

After the war is lost and won, and the desperate actions of war retreat in the public eye, from daily news headlines to the memories of old men, there will always be those who reconsider their decisions made in the heat of battle and wonder if they made the right choices. And, if not, perhaps even do something later on to set things right.

The Last Asteroid Book Cover The Voyage of the Ice Clipper Book Cover Time Out of Place Book Cover This story is set in the universe introduced in The Last Asteroid and occurs after the events described in The Voyage of the Ice Clipper.

In the days of the USSR, there really were medals with an explicit "second class" status - and even a third class! For example, the Order of Glory. There was also a Hero of the Soviet Union medal, although this was not awarded in multiple classes.

I'm beginning to wonder if this series of stories might make the basis for a whole novel. Something to consider one of these days, perhaps.

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