The Steam Road Book Cover Miss Elizabeth Robinson, a lady who is an agent of one of Her Majesty's Government's more secretive organisations, is summoned to London after the unexpected death of her father.

The city has changed in her extended absense, becoming darker and more complex and mysterious - and perhaps more dangerous, too. But Miss Robinson has changed, too; she has acquired some unusual and often rather subtle skills in the jungles and savannas of Africa.

Airships over Africa Book Cover Observatory Mount Book Cover Clockwork Cabaret Book Cover This is yet another Steampunk story, this time set in the fog and coal-smoke haze of Victorian London. It is quite definitely a sequel to Airships over Africa and features many of the same characters and settings.

I am now working on another story in this series called Observatory Mount and I have now started two more in the same sequence provisionally entitled Clockwork Cabaret and Camera Obscura.

Camera Obscura Book Cover Cover of The Cassandra Effect These stories are all set in what is probably the same universe as The Cassandra Effect.

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